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Survival Gear

The goal for all parents is to provide a well rounded education to our kids so they will have the skills needed for a successful and fulfilling life. Success is measured differently for each individual, but the root factor is happiness. In order for us to find happiness we must experience life so we can evaluate our emotions. Generation Unplugged is designed to help everyone have the opportunity to rediscover the outdoors. Once we are comfortable in nature we can start to thrive in all aspects of daily life. Being comfortable starts with satisfying our basic needs, the ability to survive without the comforts we sometimes take for granted. Having excellent survival gear will make you more capable in any setting.

Purchasing survival gear is the first step. Generation Unplugged is dedicated to inspiring and assisting you with what you need to practice using your survival gear in a family friendly environment. We have spent years testing and reviewing products on our excursions and this website brings all the research to you by offering the highest quality products that we stand behind. In the event of an emergency, (which we have been through many times) your ability to access and use your survival gear calmly is crucial. Your confidence to make decisions can be the difference between life and death. Like everything else in life the more experience you have with survival gear the better your chances are of surviving.