Arthur Andrew Medical - Neprinol AFD, Advanced Fibrin Defense, Natural Inflammatory Response, Immune Function, and Healthy Circulation, Vegan, Non-GMO, 300 Capsules



  • A MICROBIAL AND PLANT-BASED: Blend of systemic enzymes to cleanse your blood of fibrin to help support proper joint and circulatory function.
  • ALL-NATURAL RELIEF: From fatigue and discomfort, poor circulation, elevated viscosity, and delayed healing resulting from excess fibrin.
  • RESTORE BALANCE: Cleansing the blood of fibrin and other debris can support liver function as well as maintain a healthy inflammatory response to everyday activity.
  • NEPRINOL: Provides effective immune system support by removing proteins produced by antigen induction, helping the body’s natural repair processes.
  • A SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Way to replace natural enzymes lost through aging while reducing symptoms related to unhealthy levels of fibrin in the blood.

Product description

Size:300 caps

The decrease of natural enzyme production is a common result of aging, and often leads to an increase in fibrin and symptoms like fatigue, discomfort, poor circulation, and delayed healing. By incorporating Neprinol AFD into your daily routine, you can experience all-natural relief through a proprietary blend of vegan-friendly microbial and plant-based systemic enzymes to cleanse your blood of excess fibrin. Neprinol AFD also helps support proper joint and circulatory function as well as liver function and a healthy inflammatory response during everyday activity.