80” Solar Light Outdoor Solar Floor Light for Backyard Barbecue and Outdoor Lawn Lighting



Best outdoor solar light

  • 100% SOLAR POWERED: With a height of 80” this light requires no electricity. When fully charged, the light can remain on continuously for more than 4 hours; at the maximum output of power. The highest setting of brightness is 600Lm which is 12x brighter than similar products with a daylight rating of 6,000K. This lamp is excellent for lighting backyard parties, BBQs and camping dinners.
  • 100% WIRELESS: This outdoor solar lamp does not require any wiring or cables. The best outdoor solar light is completely wire free and portable with no plug-in capabilities of any kind…NO USB, NO POWER CORD. 6 HOUR CHARGE TIME IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT! NOTE: On cloudy days may take longer to charge. It can be placed in direct sunlight and with 6 HOURS of direct sun exposure, the battery will be fully charged.
  • DUSK TO DAWN FEATURE: This built in feature is optional and available to use at night. When the sun sets and it becomes dark, the light will automatically turn on and light up for 4 HOURS USING 1/3 OF THE BRIGHTNESS. This feature is optional and can easily be turned on and off with a button and provides continuous non dimmable light. 10 SECOND DELAY FOR FEATURE TO TURN ON IN DARKNESS
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: No need to worry about bad weather. The lamp is waterproof with a rating of IP54 and can withstand coldness of -22F and heat of 149F.
  • PORTABLE: This outdoor lamp is like a home floor lamp. You can move it anywhere, such as the backyard table, near the BBQ grills. It automatically charges while it is outside and exposed to sun. It can even be brought indoors to use as a regular lamp.