gusuqing Water Filter Straw - Small Portable Reusable Purifier with Charcoal Filtration System - Water Purifier for Outdoor Hiking,Hunting, Travel and Emergency



Color: Black

  • ✿Ultra Filtration Membrane –With advanced safety filtration membrane technology (filters at 0.167 microns), our straw water filter can reduce 99.99999% of all impurities and leaves the water tasting perfectly clean. No strange tastes or chemical smells. TIPS: For the first time use of our filter straw, please rinse all parts with clean water for about 20-30 seconds to make the sure good taste of water.
  • ✿Fresh Water Instantly – Our H2O filter drinking straw allows you to drink SAFE water directly with no setup or waiting required. As soon as you fill it, clean water is ready to drink WITHOUT added taste and chemical smell by the filter. The reusable straw filter is good and durable for over a thousand refills. It is convenient to always have drinkable water around!
  • ✿Made for Water Emergencies- Great filter straw to keep on hand for water emergencies since it is a survival tool for clean water. Like travel emergency use and to take on vacations to areas where safe drinking water could be a problem. Just drink safely from lakes rivers streams and taps.
  • ✿Stay Hydrated- Our hiking/camping water filter straw can purify, protect and preserve up to 264 gallons (1500 Liters) of water, which is equivalent to 3,000 disposable plastic drinking water bottles and lasts nearly 2 years. An excellent way to stay hydrated while traveling!
  • ✿Portable&Easy to Clean – Our filtering Straw is portable enough to carry anywhere thanks to its small size and lightweight (2 ounces), which can be a big-time savior in critical environments when you go out for hiking and camping trips.

Product description

It is perfect for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Natural Disasters and World Traveling. For every outdoor enthusiasts or disaster survivor, you need clean water to sustain life.

When you are outdoor / field where clean water could not be found, outdoor water straw is your trusted field drinking water essential survival tools
Effectively filters up to 2,000 liters ( 530gallons) per straw
Easy-to-use, lightweight and compact
Use like a straw in a lake or stream or connect to a bottle
With advanced 4-stage filtration
Activated carbon filter
①Draw water up from impure source using mouth suction only and spit out the first suck.
②After use suck out surplus water,replace cap and return to outer container
③Do not use in salt,brackish,or chemically contaminated water.
④Store in dry conditions at temperature below 30℃.
⑤ End of useful life will be indicated by the straw becoming blocked.
⑥Note discolouration of the straw may occur,this does not affect its performance in any way