USGI Industries Military Spec Poncho Emergency Tent Shelter Multi Use Rip Stop Camo Survival Rain Poncho



  • Full Military Grade Size 62 inches x 82 inches. Compatible with backpacks and back carried military duffel bags.
  • Rip-Stop 210T Polyester. Strong Drawstring for a much comfortable and tighter fit.
  • Water pressure resistance at 2000mm to 3000mm H2O. Strong, Compact Storage Bag with a broad list of uses.
  • 8 Heavy-Duty Dark Metal Grommets to secure your tent.
  • 16 Heavy-Duty Universal Double Sided Dark Metal Snap Buttons.

Product description

The USGI Industries military-grade poncho is an exceptional piece of field gear. Its grommets and snaps allow for the poncho to have dozens of uses. You can also use it with your poncho liner to make yourself a sleeping bag. Look inside for a list of survival uses!

  • Full Military Grade Size 62 inches x 82 inches.
  • Incredibly strong Rip-Stop 210T Polyester.
  • Water pressure resistance of 2000mm to 3000mm H2O.
  • 8 Heavy-Duty Dark Metal Grommets.
  • 16 Heavy-Duty Universal Dark Metal Snap Buttons.
  • Compatibility with backpacks and back carried army duffel bags.
  • Strong Drawstrings for a much comfortable and tighter fit.
  • Strong, Compact Storage Bag with a list of survival uses.